Learn About Spring Lake

The town of Spring Lake was officially incorporated on April 9, 1951. At this time Grady Howard served as interim mayor and would eventually be elected the first mayor of Spring Lake on June 5, 1951.

Spring Lake is surrounded by a multitude of counties and shares in part of Cumberland County and Harnett County. Hoke and Moore counties are to the West of Spring Lake, the city of Fayetteville borders the South, and Sanford runs North.

Additionally, large portions of the town limits are occupied by Pope Field and parts of Fort Bragg. The US Census Bureau estimates the population of Spring Lake to be 13,168 as of July 1 2016.

A majority of the population are associated with employment on Fort Bragg, however, Spring Lake hosts a diverse array of small businesses and family owned operations.

Chamber of Commerce
Mission Statement

We exist to develop, encourage, promote and protect the commercial, professional, financial, agricultural interest of our area of influence: Spring Lake, NC, Cumberland County, Western Harnett County improving the general business and welfare interests of that area and to promote and maintain a positive program of friendly relations with Fort Bragg and Pope Army Air Field, together with the personnel assigned to those posts.

We work with the local government striving to unify the business community and citizens, develop programs that promote our area of influence leading to the growth of existing businesses, strong economic development and sustained growth.

Working with Spring Lake

Spring Lake is open for business! The Greater Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce is committed to pursuing new business opportunities for local interest, regional and military projects, national chains, and business of all sizes to include start-ups, mom and pops, franchises, specialty and more. (Town of Spring Lake)

Spring Lake as a whole strives to promote new businesses and improve quality of life through strategic economic growth.

Spring Lake is committed, more than ever, to making the town the best it can be for businesses and residents alike, Spring Lake has improved communication lines, installed more quality services, and with its strong leadership and “can do” attitude, this town is picking up the momentum started in years past and leading the county into the next decade. Together with the Greater Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce, the town is actively pursuing new business opportunities for local interest, regional and military projects, national chains and businesses of all sizes. ("Grant Murray Real Estate")

Introducing: Debra Clyde
CEO and President of the Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Clyde became a resident of Spring Lake, NC in 2006 after serving in the United States Army. She fell in love with the community and has worked to make it better since. She began volunteering with the Chamber in 2010 and went on to become a member of the staff. During this time she earned a Bachelor of Science majoring in Public Administration and Policy.

She serves on the Ministerial Team at Bethel A.M.E. Zion Church, Spring Lake; serves with the Spring Lake Ministerial Alliance, and Spring Lake Military and Veterans Advisory Committee. She is also a member of the American LegionPost #230 and NABVETS Spring Lake Chapter #116.

Her most immediate goals are to bring awareness of the excellent businesses and citizens of Spring Lake, to help the existing businesses grow, and to draw new business to the area. She believes that once the world knows the real Spring Lake they will want to live and do business here.